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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recipe Review- Indian Burgers

Hi All!
Today I have a recipe review to share. It was my dad's birthday and he wanted us to make Malaysian Indian Curry-Spiced Burgers. The recipe is from The Food Network and is linked to the name. This is not the first time that I've made these burgers and I keep forgetting to take a picture!!! But, they pretty much look like regular hamburgers- just with a better smell!!!

Like all recipes (and card sketches for that matter), I tend to follow the basics and make changes as I see fit. For example, this recipe calls for red pepper and jalapeno- which I don't like, so I leave them out. But I'll add some red pepper powder for some spice instead... And when cooking, as opposed to baking, I don't follow measurements too too closely. I sometimes will use the proper measuring tools, but often I will measure amounts in my palm. :) For this one, I palmed the curry so I definitely did not use as much as called for. 

For this burger, the recipe calls for thinly sliced cucumber instead of lettuce and a Cumin Mint Aioli as a sauce. As a rule, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all aiolis (A-oh-lee)!!! This one uses lime instead of the standard lemon, but is just as delish!

My Rating: with my changes, this recipe gets a 5/5 stars. It is spicy (but not tooooo spicy), has a ton of flavor, and the sauce is FABULOUS!!!

Thanks for checkin' it out and I hope you decide to make it too!!!

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