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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recipe Review- Lemon Blossoms

Hi All!
I made these Lemon Blossoms from Paula Deen this weekend and have to review them for a couple reasons:
1- They're AMAZING
2- They're DELISH
3- They're bite size FUN!!
While it was a little time consuming to bake all of these with only one mini muffin pan, it was definitely worth it!!!

Changes I made:
- I used egg substitute instead of real eggs
- I did NOT use oil in the glaze. I substituted more water instead and I think that the glaze ultimately dried more quickly without the oil.
- I did not completely immerse them in the glaze, but almost. I dunked them (top down) so that only the bottoms weren't covered.  

So, I did mostly stuck to the recipe this time! One tip- they should sit for at least two to three hours before consumption. I ate one right off the cooling rack and thought "uh-oh! These taste like cake!" However- when I ate another three hours later, SOOOO good!!!

Thanks for checkin' it out!!!

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