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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hemming Fabulousness!

Hi All!

Tonight I have something different to share with you. I have successfully hemmed on my sewing machine a pair of scrub pants!

I know... I know... anyone can hem right? Well, now I can too! I've done quite a bit of pants hemming by hand before, but never on a machine.

Just look at those beautiful parallel lines! I am so proud!!!

On another topic, I had an idea today (after my fiance's mom took him out shopping for Christmas presents- yes, that's right) that maybe it's about time to get started on my Christmas cards. So, since I have scrambled every year to make a million (or so) last minute, maybe this year I should start early. I decided that I am going to make a Christmas card once a week until Christmas....

I read that putting any declaration down on paper (or computer) greatly increases the odds of following through on it. So- once a week I AM MAKING A CHRISTMAS CARD!! In fact, I started on one tonight before my hands got tired. I will make one this week! Keep an eye out for it!

Thanks for checkin' it out!!!!

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