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Monday, September 5, 2011

Lost in working girl land!!!

Hi All!
I'm not entirely sure if I mentioned this, but I started a new job on the last day that I posted anything here (August 22). I graduated from nursing school back in May and got hired at my local (literally like 2 miles from my house) hospital as part of the new-grad-RN program. So, even though I am only working 36 hours a week (full time!!!) I'm pooped!!!

Also, I think I am spending almost ALL my free time making these somewhat-rediculously-complicated save the date cards. My wonderful fiance helped me for several hours yesterday and today and got all the pieces cut to the right size. Unfortunately, at least an hour was spent re-cutting what I had previously cut to the wrong size... OOPS! As of tonight, I have 58 (of 144) completely, all the way finished!!!!

WOO HOO! And- there are many, many more that are partially finished. I've learned that I can only paint 8-10 trees in one sitting, so I am breaking up the work with other steps- like embossing the birds (etc.). Major progress though!

Would you like a house shopping progress note? Well, let's just say that "progress" is a subjective word ok? Because I am not really feeling like we're making much progress....

I think that this "buyer's market" is a bunch of hype to make people want a house!

Have we looked at many, many more houses? Yes...

Have we ruled out most of them? Yes...

In fact, we have even put in two more offers since I last wrote. The first one was out-bid (on a bank owned). The second one we made is on a short sale (bah) that is (unfortunately) fabulous! We should hear back tomorrow or Tuesday if the owners accept our offer... if they do, then the offer goes off into the deep, dark world of banking nightmares to be evaluated and we probably will not hear anything 'til October...

Progress eh?

 Here's some fabulous, cheery pics that I've found on pintrist this week:


This last one seems to describe my life about now :) I have a giant TO DO list waiting for tomorrow and one of the items is CLEAN!!! Ya, we'll see how that goes!

Thanks for checkin' in!!! I hope to have some real projects up and going soon!!!!!

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