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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our New Baby

Hi All!

This has been a very busy couple of weeks! Last week we heard back from a short sale and entered escrow! The house is so fabulous! Since we've already gotten the appraisal out of the way, we feel fairly certain that as of November 17th, my fiance and I will be home owners! SO- we got a puppy!

Justin wanted to name him Growly and I wanted to name him Copper, so we compromised on Snikers. I came up with the name; he came up with the spelling. ;)

He is now 10 weeks old and so adorable! We were told that he is a mix of basset hound and terrier, but I don't think that he looks at ALL like a basset hound! He is a little longer than tall, but he also has pretty large paws. He is just too cute!

We are so excited to have our first baby! The yard at our new house is almost a quarter acre- which is a good size for southern California and a perfect size for our new pup and my chocolate lab Chessey.

I feel so absolutely blessed!

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