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Saturday, March 31, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hi All!
I'm going to participate in the High Five for Friday link up for the first time this week- at the From My Grey Desk blog. Yes, this is technically early Saturday morning, but I slept through most of Friday ...

1. I did my hair every day!!!

2. We bought a sleep number bed and I absolutely can't wait to have it delivered!!!!!

3. One of my kitties came out of hiding for a little while last night.

4. I bought two t-shirts from Victoria (originally 19.50) for 2/$28 then got free shipping, then had two $10 off coupons! Total of $10.41 after taxes!

5. The weather was beautiful this week!

I like how this made me think of all the good things that happened this week :) a very good thing to get into a habit of!


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