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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Day's List

Hi All,

Today is my last full day off where I slept during the night and will sleep tonight before Easter, so I have made a list:
I found in nursing school that if I don't make a list, it doesn't get done... I have a standard check-off list for work to make sure that I get all of the charting done... I think I should make a list of all our bills for the month because I am constantly worrying that I am going to miss something...

My hubby doesn't understand why I need to physically write out a list instead of using my iphone- I think it has something to do with the satisfaction of crossing it off and also when I write it out, I take my time thinking about the list more. I enjoy my cup of coffee and slowly write it out, adding as I remember what I'd been planning to get done.

Let's see how much I get done!!!

 Late Entry: 8:50 pm- I'm done with it all!!! I even made fresh, from scratch bread!!! The house smells AMAZING!!!

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