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Saturday, April 7, 2012

High 5 for Friday

Hi All!
It's Friday- or at least it was when I woke up for this "day"...

So, this week in review- the highlights that is- to link up with the great From My Gray Desk blog...

1. It's good Friday! And that means Easter is this weekend- a wonderful time to celebrate our Savior with my family!

2. I made an Easter banner for our mantle- see the last post for a pic :)

3. Monday night I got cancelled at work, which gave me five days off in a row!

4. My blind dog was adorable- she backed herself under the coffee table and refused to come out, just slept and slept til I moved the table off her.

5. My husband and I ended up playing frisbee in the park with each other because our dogs ignored our new frisbee... We enjoyed ourselves even tho the dogs were too distracted to play with us.

I hope your week was great (or mildly un-eventful) too!
Happy Good Friday!


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  1. 5 Days off in a row! whoohooo!

    Here's my High 5 Friday: