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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Miche Purses

Hi All! 

Today I want to share with you something different: Miche! My husband and I recently joined the Miche company as Independent Representatives. Miche is an awsome company that creates unique purses: four different base sizes with a huge amount of changeable outer shells! Basically, you get to design your perfect purse! From the size to the color to the handles- you can choose exactly what suites you the best!

It is set up as a party plan- like Mary Kay or Scentsy (etc.)- where we can sell out of our catalogs, at a party, or on our website:

No matter the size, the outer decorative shells are held on by magnets. They are easy to change, but strong enough to ensure that the shells are held in place all day. There are a variety of prices- ranging from $14.95 to $94.95. 

One of the best parts: people who host parties for us get AMAZING incentives! The more that is sold at the party, the higher the rewards! For example, if $500 of product is sold, the hostess gets $60 of FREE product plus 2 half price shells plus 25% off of anything else she wants to get! And- the more that's sold, the higher those numbers go!

Every 3 months Miche comes out with a new seasonal catalog. On August 1st, these shells came out- to compliment the year-round stylish shells:
We are so excited about starting this new business! The other Miche reps are awesome and so welcoming! I really needed something to offset the awfulness of working nights and this is my solution. We can arrange everything to our schedules and set our own pace.  If you have any questions be sure and let me know! 

Thanks for checkin' it out!

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