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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Goals

Hi All!

This year I am making goals.

Goals that I seriously intend to keep.

Goals that I think are actually do-able!

2012 was a year of LOTS of change! From getting married to owning our own house and all that comes with that! Much of what I wanted to accomplish in 2012 was put off to "later" since I was feeling so awful from working nights. 

This year I am making a pretty pretty list with nice check boxes to mark the completion of my goals :)

Here are some of them:

    Find a home church of use
    Work out more regularly
    Cook more dinners
    Finish the office remodel
    Create a binder for all our important info
    Create a filing system (get rid of the unsorted box system)
    Learn how to use my new DSLR camera
    Learn how to crochet
    Post to my blog more regularly
    Spend more time developing our Miche business
You'll notice that most of these are fairly vague... perhaps easier to accomplish? Hopefully!!!

I hope you are all setting easy to reach yet valuable goals too- and good luck with it!

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