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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ventures into Crochet

Hi All!
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I hope you are all enjoying the new year! This year I am trying to accomplish many things. I have had a bucket list of sorts for things I want to be able to do before having children and it appears my husband is doing his best to get them done to speed up the timeline! He's so ready for babies and I'm still apprehensive.... so he's doing his best to get me ready.

This bucket list includes:
 - learning how to use my new DSLR camera
 - learn how to sew decently enough to make children's clothing that people won't know I made them
 - learn how to crochet
 - develop an exercise routine

So, for Christmas my hubby got me a new camera and yarn.

I dug through my bag of miscellaneous "sewing" supplies that my great aunt left me many years ago and found a collection of crochet hooks and a book I added to it "I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting!" by leisure arts.

Next, of course, came Pinterest!! I've found many different cites that offer tutorials and free patterns- check out my new board here

My first project was a dishcloth that I gave away before taking a picture- following very easy to understand instructions from that book.

I used my variegated Christmas yarn to make this... what should have been a coaster. However, I didn't (don't) really understand the whole "gauge" process and this turned out a better size for a pot holder or maybe even a dishcloth.

But- the big point is, I felt really accomplished finishing it!

Then I made this scarf from the pattern I found at The Aesthetic Nest:

And learned that some yarns are easier to use than others... This one looks nice, feels nice, but is really, really hard to see the individual loops!

And then I made this headband from the pattern at Creativeyarn:

My next project is going to be a beanie... one for me and one for hubby :) But I need him to come with me and choose some yarn for his... so not going to start this week!

Thanks for stopping by! And if you have any tips for a new crochet-er, please let me know!!!

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